Piers Gorge

The Piers Gorge Scenic Area is part of the Menominee River State Recreation Area that straddles the banks of the scenic Menominee River for several miles and is a collaborative effort between the states of Wisconsin and Michigan. This collaboration had its beginnings in 1997 and the Wisconsin and Michigan parks are managed by their respective state Departments of Natural Resources. There are a number of rapids and waterfalls that occur on this stretch of the Menominee River, the most spectacular one being Mishicot Falls, nestled between high cliffs and forested shores in the Piers Gorge Section of the River. The best viewing of these scenic rapids is from the Michigan side of the river. Take Highway 8 East off of Highway 141 and cross the bridge into Michigan.  Take a left at the Piers Gorge and follow the road into the parking area at to the end of the road. There is a foot path that takes you back to the various vistas that the gorge offers. This gorge is also commercially whitewater rafted on weekends, a thrilling show!

Piers Gorge GPS Coordinates

  • Latitude: 45.759105
  • Longitude: -87.941698
  • Altitude: 257 meters